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Arizona cigar roller at golf event with cigars

Cigar Rollers for Wedding, Golf and Corporate events in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Rio Verde, Sun City, Tempe, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, New Mexico.


Imported cigars with authentic Dominican and Cuban Cigar Roller entertainment with in-house planners and custom cigar bands that create the memories you will be giving to your guests and the Big Event.

The Legacy Golf Club, the Raven, Palmbrook Weddings, large Weddings at the Boulders Resort have all been locations for upscale and important events with our cigar rollers for over 15 years. The same Dominican cigars provided by CF Dominicana along with the guest experience of cigar rolling brings these event to unique aesthetic that only our top tier clients enjoy.


Since 2006, Cigar Catering® has been a part of our client's personal lives and events.


Cigars and other features are common for clients and we invite you to inquire. Cigar roller demonstrations are just one feature, custom cigar bands are created free of charge to personalize the event with a corporate logo, charity theme or the initials of the Bride and Groom, we go into such details with the designs that we also color match to the Bridesmaid's dress color.


The custom cigar bands are effortless for CF Domninca as we have in-house graphics designers to create and produce cigar bands as simple as your initials or an elaborate design to draw guests to your brand.


We are experts at planning for your cigar feature for large events at venues such as Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens with a cigar-friendly outdoor area and a capacity to accommodate 250 guests. Even more popular and our favorite is the Arizona Science Center for corporate events with attendance up to 2500 people The space lends well for our Cigar Servers that roam the area serving guests cigars that your cigar roller is creating on site.


Once you submit the details of your event for a quote, we will have a short list of options to include one or all of these cigar features for your events. Most important, the cigars are not made in AZ but are imported from the Dominican Republic with Maduro or Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf and the same cigars we sell in stores. Even more for you to know, the cigars that are rolled at your event are imported "unfinished" allowing your cigar roller to place the finishing touches on them right in front of your guests for an authentic premium cigar and experience your guests will remember days after the party is over.


Submit the details of your event here and we will have a quote for you in 30 minutes we look forward to hearing from you.  

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