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Included in all of our cigar feature entertainment is our premium imported brand with cigar models shown here, all are 50 ring gauge or more.  


Custom cigar bands are also designed free of charge as we have in-house digital output to produce custom labels for any event. Popular for weddings, cigar bands are customized with the Bride and Groom's initials or full names complete withe accent colors to match the theme of the reception for a personal, detailed touch. Cigars without a cigar roller can be purchased daily and can also have your initials included absolutely free of charge, estimate time from order is 5 to 7 days.


A cigar roller at the event will be provided to interact with your guests to answer the myriad of questions your friends will have as they they experience this unique feature. The cigar rolling is coordinated with your own in-house assigned "cigar planner" to ensure that everything goes well even if you do not know anything about cigars. In fact, most of our clients are the "gift givers" and not the end-users.


Submit the details of your event and we will contact you to answer your questions in real time while giving you your quote for the event.




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Cigar rollers are planned for Weddings and golf events and are typically booked in in the non-summer months.  When you submit the details of your upcoming event, we will have the date, guest count and some other information to provide you a quote within thirty minutes during the week, simply click the "Contact" link on this page.

Cigar roller near you for Arizona Wedding and golf events with custom cigar bands are provided by CF Dominicana.


Ramiro is one of the cigar rollers for the Chicago area
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Cigar Roller at Chicago event

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