Cigars for Arizona Weddings and Special Events provided by CF Dominicana Cigars to enhance your cigar lifestyle.

NEW - We now provide other cigar brands for your enjoyment or for events. Premium brands like Macanudo, Montecristo, Rocky Patel and others can be included with your cigar roller event and can include custom cigar bands for a great gift and receptive feature for the cigar lovers at your event.


Pure Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf is used around Dominican filler for a mild to medium bodied flavor premium cigar smokers seek. These mild cigars are recommended for weddings due to many guests being introduced to cigars on the night of the event. Golf events request full bodied maduro for the more experienced palettes.


Windsor, CT famous is the absolute companion to every one of our Connecticut Shade models. Our Maduro  models use deep, dark, aged Ecuadorian leaf to bring a bolder taste and compliments the Dominicana blend beautifully.


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SoHo box of Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana
Dominican cigars for Chicago cigar events
Tribeca box of 7 inch cigars from CF Dominicana

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Cigar brands available for Arizana events

All events and custom orders with CF Dominicana Cigars can be personalized with custom cigar labels from simple, understated initials to four color graphics for wedding receptions and corporate events.

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